Friday, June 24, 2011


Carving Goddess Lakshmi on Padukas of Baba

O Learned and Devoted Servants of God,
[June 23, 2011] Recently there is a criticism that the photo of Goddesses Laxmi was carved on the wodden chappals (Padukas) of Shri Baba and this hurts the feelings of Hindus. Sometime back, some foreigners have also done the same in some foreign country and Hindus were hurt. The first question in this issue is whether Baba Himself ordered for such padukas or some devotees presented those padukas with such a decoration. If there is any proof that Baba Himself ordered for the preparation of such padukas, we can easily say that Baba is not the human incarnation of God. Only demons with very high ego do such things. Since Baba is the human incarnation of God, I am sure that some devotees, who have immense faith in Baba as Lord Narayana, must have presented those padukas. The human incarnation always reacts in the same line as the devotee approaches with full faith. This is said in the Gita (Yee Yathaa maam...).
The human incarnation behaves exactly in such a way so as the faith of the devotee is fully protected. Such a behavior of the human incarnation should be taken with reference to the corresponding devotees only. Others should not touch that. Shri Baba was born as soon as the special worship to Lord Satyanarayana was over. Hence, Baba was named after the same. When the mother of Baba was pregnant standing near the well, a beam of blue radiations entered her womb and she became unconscious. All these show that Baba was the incarnation of Lord Narayana. Goddesses Laxmi always sits at the feet of Lord Narayana. Hence, the action of the devotees, who believed this very well, is in the same line. This should not be generalized. Baba never declared in His speeches that He was Lord Narayana. We cannot compare Baba with the ordinary human beings in a foreign country. Their behavior is objectionable to everybody.

In fact, the human incarnation is a two component system. The first component is God and the second component is the human soul. God identified with a human being is called as human incarnation, just like an electrified wire in which the electricity is identified with the wire. Since the wire gives the electric shock anywhere, we do not differentiate the wire and electricity. Similarly, the human being and God are not differentiated in the human incarnation. For the ordinary looks, the electrified wire looks like an ordinary wire only. But, if the looks are impregnated with analytical knowledge, the same wire is just the electricity. Similarly, Baba is a human being for ordinary public. For devotees, He is just Lord Narayana. You cannot bring both the angles to one place in one time since both contradict each other.

Money Found in Baba’s Room

There were thousands of covers with cash presented to Baba by devotees. Baba did not hide this cash in the walls of the room or in the Swiss bank. The room is open in the campus, which was simply locked. The room is not hidden in the underground even though the doors are simply locked. That room could have been raided at anytime by the Tax officials even during the life time of Baba. In the place of Baba, if any human being is present, he would have hidden the cash somewhere. There may be lapses in the case of some human beings, who were involved in the financial administration. Generally, the money of God is not touched by many people for the fear of punishment, unless they are atheists. People are crying on such unnecessary issues. The public should worry about the huge public funds, which evaporate by hot summer like corruption. The pity is that the members of public themselves do corruption. The major lot of the public itself is to be blamed because most of the voters have become corrupt, who votes the corrupt people by taking money for the vote. The transformation should come in the heart of every human being by the messages given by Shri Satya Sai Baba.

At the lotus feet of Shri Datta Swami