Sunday, March 25, 2012

Ambition to become GOD?

O Learned and Devoted Servants of God,
[March 23, 2012 Telugu New Year Day] God created this world and controls it. The soul can neither create nor control the world. God also destroys this world and the soul cannot do it. Therefore, the creation, ruling and destruction of the world can be done by God only and the soul is a total failure in these three aspects. The soul wants to become equal to God and such an ambition is called as Monism or Advaita. But, the soul is not equal to God in any aspect. God created this world for His entertainment. This world contains both happiness and misery. This means that God is enjoying both happiness and misery. Both happiness and misery give entertainment to God. The Veda says that God created this world for His entertainment. If the soul can also enjoy happiness and misery like God, at least in the aspect of entertainment, the soul can become equal to God and Monism can be achieved at least in this one aspect of entertainment. But alas!, the soul fails even this aspect. The soul does not want misery and tension. The soul wants continuous happiness throughout the life. But, the poor soul does not know that anything continuous including happiness bores. Boring is also misery. Therefore, misery is inevitable. I do not understand, how the soul aspires for Advaita, when it fails even in the aspect of entertainment.

You can neither procure the food material nor cook the food. At least if you are equal to the person in eating the cooked food, you can be equal to him at least in the aspect of eating the food. The person cooked both sweet and hot dishes and is eating both the dishes with full joy and entertainment. You are eating only sweet dishes and refusing the hot dishes. How can you be equal to Him if you are not equal to Him at least in eating the food? Some people doubt the point of enjoyment in misery. They argue that misery gives pain and how to get joy in it? It is not impossible. You only lack the art of enjoying the misery. When a beautiful young lady embraces a small boy, the boy feels uncomfortable and is pained. It is misery for him. But, a young man gets immense pleasure in the same embracement. The lady and embracement are one and the same in both the cases. The boy does not know the taste of enjoying the embracement of the beautiful young lady. The young man has the taste of enjoyment of the same embracement. Therefore, the lack of talent in tasting the enjoyment of misery is the reason. God and the realized soul have the taste of enjoyment of misery. An ignorant person does not have the taste of enjoyment of the misery like the child.

Some people develop the philosophy of becoming immune to both happiness and misery. This is utter foolishness. In such case, God could have created this world with routine situations only without happiness and misery. The temperature of the world must have been maintained at the room temperature throughout the year. There is no need of summer and winter. Therefore, God is enjoying both summer and winter and hence, God created both summer and winter. Therefore, such philosophy to become immune to both happiness and misery is wrong. The prasadam (offering to God) of this Telugu New Year day preaches this concept. It is made of sweet and sour materials. It represents the creation and the human life. Both creation and human life are mixtures of happiness and misery. God enjoys the creation and you must enjoy the human life. If you enjoy happiness and misery in equal level, such equal level is called as Yoga. Equality lies in the enjoyment of both different dishes. Equality does not lie in the common immunity to both dishes. If you refuse the misery and appreciate only happiness, you are insulting God.

You have gone to some house for taking food. Suppose the house lady serves both sweet and hot dishes in the meals. If you like sweet dishes only and refuse the hot dishes, the house lady is insulted. If you enjoy both the dishes, the house lady is pleased. Similarly, if you refuse misery, you are insulting God because God is the creator of the misery in this world. If you enjoy both happiness and misery, God is pleased with you. He treats you equal to Him because you are enjoying both like Him.

At lotus feet of Shri Datta Swami