Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Lack of spiritual knowledge for present day corruption

O Learned and Devoted Servants of God, [May 27, 2012] The case of the present politicians, officials, contractors, businessmen etc., can be compared to the case of Kuchela as far as the sin is concerned. You cannot compare Kuchela with these people as far as the nature of the soul is concerned. Regarding the nature of the sin, the comparison is that all these people snatch away the wealth of others in spite of their stabilized life. God has given you sufficient wealth to maintain your health. But, you steal others wealth in doing the corruption, which develops tension that spoils your health. All these people will be severely punished like Kuchela, who suffered with poverty for a long time. The sin of these people is common to the sin of Kuchela. But, there is difference between the sinners. Kuchela is a good soul devoted to God. It is the spur of the moment in which Kuchela slipped. The wife of the preacher gave two parts of food, one for him and the other for Krishna. The part of the food given to Kuchela is sufficient to pacify his hunger. But, due to over ambition, he stole the food of Krishna and ate it also. In this way, the nature of the sin is similar to the nature of the present people because they steal others’ wealth through corruption in spite of the sufficient wealth given to them. But, the nature of the sinners is different because Kuchela repented a lot for doing sin especially in the case of God. When the sin happened, Kuchela did not know that Krishna was God. Later on, when Krishna brought the dead son of the preacher alive, he recognized that Krishna was God. His repentance was extreme and he became a very strong devotee of Lord Krishna. He never bothered about the poverty because he knows that it is the punishment given to him committed towards God. He went to Krishna only due to the pressure of his wife but, did not ask any help since he realized the background of his punishment.
You may think that corruption in the case of God is only serious and the corruption in the case of human beings is not that much serious. In fact, this point is totally reverse. God is not affected by the corruption of Kuchela since He is omnipotent. But, the human beings are with limited energy and limited wealth. God becomes more furious towards the corruption done to the human beings. This will spoil the balance of the society and God becomes extremely furious. Even though God did not affect by the stealing of the Kuchela, God punished him because such behavior of Kuchela may be extended to the human beings in course of time. You should not steal the money from the temple thinking that it will not affect God. The money of the temple is used in the service of the human beings only. The jewels of God are also important to attract the human beings to come to the temple and see God. The sin of Kuchela was his first sin, which also was the last sin. The punishment of Kuchela in this world itself is to preach the world. If all the sins are punished in the hell only, there will be no practical proof to realize here the inevitable punishment of a sin. The protection of Kuchela was also for preaching the world. If you do not repeat any sin, all the record of your punishments and sins is destroyed. The realization that brings the reformation is the fire of divine knowledge that burns all the sins (jnaangnih… Gita ).
The punishment can only reduce the magnitude of the sin. The reduced sin in the form of a tiny seed can never be burnt by punishment. But, reduction of the sin is also useful to the world. The sinner takes lot of time to do the sin just like the seed takes lot of time to become a huge tree. The childhood is this time of growth. When the sin becomes a huge tree, the human being becomes a demon. Then again, the cycle of punishments repeats. If the soul enters this world like a demon in the beginning itself, this world is always severely disturbed. Hence, the hell, where the punishments are given, is useful in the divine administration. Only the divine knowledge and subsequent divine devotion can burn the seed of the sin.
In ancient India, the education system was mainly concentrated on divine knowledge and development of devotion. There were no courts, police department and anti corruption-department. Only the king used to deal all the cases with the help of a board of judges because the number of sins was very little. The education system contained little concentration on the earning of money needed for food, cloth and shelter. Only little money is sufficient for the basic needs and hence, much concentration on professional education was not done. The ethics of the society was the most predominant field of education, which can be achieved only by knowledge and devotion. Temples were many than universities and colleges. The scholars in the temple used to preach the spiritual knowledge to develop ethics in public. Hence, such huge temples are seen. They were learning centers of spiritual education. Now, the temples have also become centers of business because here the devotees come and bargain with the Lord. They offer money to God for some favour in return. Even God is dragged into corruption! Today, the centers of professional education are everywhere and the spiritual knowledge disappeared. This is the reason for the present corruption, which is going to disturb the society finally leading to chaos.

At the lotus feet of Shri Datta Swami

Sunday, May 6, 2012


O Learned And Devoted Servants of God, Jyotisham (astrology) is the subject, which relates to Jyoti or planet. The actual meaning of Jyoti is only God. According to the Veda (Param Jyotirupasampadyate) and the Brahma Sutras (refer Sutra Jyotiradhikaranam). Jyoti means light. The planet is like the jailor guiding you to the jail where you will suffer the misery or is like a guide who guides you to a bar, like heaven, where you will drink and sleep. The planet guides you to the fruit of your deed. It is called as a Graha, which means that it will capture you wherever you are present to deliver the fruit of your deed to you at the exact fraction of a second. It is a computerized system of deeds and fruits. This computer does all the calculations and is called as Chitra Gupta. Chitra Gupta means the protector of the witness [evidence] through an advanced audio and video system. All your thoughts, words and deeds are recorded and will be exhibited as evidence in the upper world. The judge does not require any other type of witness. There is no need of an advocate and therefore such provision does not exist. You will just see and hear your thoughts, words and deeds in the audio and video system (Chitra Gupta) and an automatic judgment is delivered by another system called as Yama. There is no possibility of doing any ritual there since it is only a place of enjoyment [or suffering] of fruits (Bhoga Loka).

All the heavenly pleasures and punishments in hell are given according to the periods of another horoscope that is prepared based on the time of death. Thus the wheel of the planets is the executive system of the soul in this world as well as in the upper world. Yama is the son of Sun [Sun-god] like Saturn, is also a powerful controlling planet in the upper world. The Lord is all in all and is the employer of all the planets. The planets function due to the fear of the Lord. The Veda says the same (Bhishodeti Suryah).

Astrologers are like elementary school teachers. They should become spiritual Gurus, who are like professors. Priests and astrologers should rise in their standards and guide people to the spiritual path. Instead of doing so, both have colluded and are doing business by exploiting the public. The astrologer takes some money for studying the horoscope and recommends the Japam [repetition of the name] of a planet. The priest does the Japam on behalf of the person and gives a commission to the astrologers. It is like a doctor referring the patient to the laboratory for diagnosis and getting commission. The whole spirit is lost and the spiritual path is lost long back in this Kali Yuga. The priests and the astrologers tell a story that even Lord Shiva suffered due to the effect of Saturn. The story is only a creation for promoting their business. Even if you believe the story, you can take it in a positive sense. You can understand that even the Lord respects the cycle of deeds. What sin did Lord Shiva do to undergo the affect of Saturn? The story is foolish even at the root. Let us even assume that Lord Shiva has to suffer the effect of Saturn for a bad deed. If that is so, how can an ordinary human being escape the same type of effect with the help of this petty priest and petty astrologer? Astrology is the elementary level of spiritual knowledge, which introduces the supernatural power that is beyond science. This should finally lead to the acceptance of the existence of the unimaginable God who is beyond logic and science. Astrology is not allowed to grow to become philosophy by these commercial intellectuals. Its growth is arrested and is limited so that the exploitation of devotees can take place. Astrology should be allowed to become philosophy. The school education should grow to become of the university level. The priests and astrologers should develop to become spiritual gurus. Otherwise they are doing sin in the name of God, which will affect them here and there [after world]

The astrologers have developed a wrong concept in astrology by which the people think that they are receiving good or bad affects accidentally by the movement of planets without any reference to their deeds. It is just like saying that one is arrested by the policeman on a road because while he was standing on the road, the policeman incidentally came there and captured him. The man feels that his arrest was due to the incidental meeting with the policeman on the road and the arrest happened without any reason. Similarly people think that the incidental movement of the planets and their periods achieves the bad results. This is complete nonsense. The planets are very disciplined and regular in their movements. Since you are proved as a thief and the court ordered your arrest, the police have arrested you on fair grounds. You pose as if you are innocent and that your arrest is simply incidental due to the movement of policeman and due to his meeting you accidentally. You may escape the police for sometime even after the order from the court, but the planet catches you exactly in the same fraction of a second as soon as the order from the divine court is released.

Infact the results of deeds of any human being are mainly postponed after the death to the upper world. The results of all your deeds are not given in this world especially when you are in the human life, which is very rare to get. The main aim of this very rare human life is that you should recognize God and obtain His grace before the end of this human life. This human life is mainly meant for such effort (sadhana) and therefore this world is called as a Karma Loka [world of action]. You will not be continuously disturbed with the enjoyment of the fruits of your deeds in this world because the main purpose of this life will not be served in this precious little time of human life. When the student is occupied in studies in the period of preparation for the examination, the principal will not disturb him either by punishments or by encouraging cultural activities. Once the examinations are over, there is a long vacation in which these activities can be taken up. Similarly there is a lot of time after death and therefore the fruits of the deeds are mainly given after death in a separate world called as Bhoga Loka [world of enjoyment]. The earth is meant for the karma to be done to recognize the human form of the Lord and get His guidance and practice it to please God. Therefore a separate time and separate worlds (hell and heaven) are given for this purpose. People who do not know the main aim of human life and the significance of this Karma Loka are worried for not seeing the results here itself immediately. This is the main aim of creation of hell and heaven separately as the upper worlds.

However the results of some deeds are released here itself in case they can activate the soul in the spiritual line. With this aim, certain effects of misery to divert the soul to the God and certain effects of happiness as alternative intervals for encouragement are released. Without understanding the significance of these effects, people either sleep and become lazy in happiness or get worried and feel tension in misery. When such effects have no use for the spiritual effort [one refuse to respond positively to these effects], the soul is released from the gross body and is pushed to the Bhoga Loka and further cycles of animals and birds in a condemned state. Thus the ultimate aim of human life and the ultimate aim of the good and bad results must be realized in the light of the spiritual divine path. This human life is not just meant for mechanical deeds and their corresponding results like a routine machine.

At the lotus feet of Shri Datt Swami,

Thursday, May 3, 2012

How to change destiny?

O Learned and Devoted Servants of God, [April 29, 2012] This world of humanity is based on full freedom and absence of any forcible destiny. Here, you are free to do any type of work and no destiny forces you to do any specific work as said in the Gita (Na kartrutvam...). The concept of destiny exists only in the link of the specific work and the specific fruit. You have full freedom to put your finger in fire or water. No destiny forces you to put your finger in fire or water. The destiny lies only in the link between a specific work and corresponding specific fruit. It is destined that the fire burns your finger and the water keeps your finger cool. The destiny is not in the selection of the work. You have put your finger in the fire due to ignorance or ego. After burning the finger, you may say that you have put the finger in the fire due to the destiny. God has destined the specific system, which links every action with a specific fruit. After putting your finger, God is not ordering the fire to burn it. The subsequent fruit for a specific work is already destined. God or the destiny does not interfere with the choice of your selection of a specific work. Even the so called past destiny does not interfere with your works. The composition of your psychology is fixed based on your past deeds. Thus, work is responsible for the will and the will is the generator of the work. Since the composition of your psychology is already based on your past deeds and is fixed, you can treat that as destiny and in such case, destiny is guiding everything.

The psychology is a specific pattern of ideas generated by the past deeds and it is called as ‘Samskara’. An idea can be changed by knowledge. Samskara is a fixed concept and the right knowledge is a group of right concepts. You have the opportunity of hearing the right knowledge since God comes to this world quite often in human form. You have the freedom to hear such divine knowledge or not to hear. You have also freedom to practice the knowledge or leave it without practice. At every step, the basic freedom is given. This human world is also the right place for testing the devotees and here also, the full freedom is protected. You are totally free to sacrifice anything or not to sacrifice anything even if God desires for it. God does not force you or threaten you or wash your brain in your sacrifice since such sacrifice is not real. God is pleased only with the real sacrifice done by the soul in the atmosphere of total freedom. In the examination hall, you are totally free to answer the question paper to any extent or even to return the white paper without writing even a word. God preaches the total concept and in the stage of implementation of it, God does not influence your mind in any way. After teaching all the right knowledge through the Gita, Krishna said that the decision to fight or not is totally left to Arjuna (yathechchasi…). The basic reason is that God is not in need of anything from anybody. The sacrifice is not to satisfy God but only to uplift you. The sacrifice proves your real attachment to God and such real attachment is not in the benefit of God but it is only in your benefit. Krishna asked for the special gem from Satrajit, the father of Satyabhama. Krishna is not in need of that gem. He is the creator of that gem. Even without the help of that gem, He can create wealth. He can even stop the power of the gem to create the wealth. Krishna asked the gem from Satrajit because Satrajit cannot maintain it and will fall in trouble. Only for the welfare of Satrajit, He asked him for that gem. But, Satrajit thought that Krishna asked that gem for His personal benefit and thereby, for His personal satisfaction. Such misunderstanding made Satrajit to refuse the gem.

Astrology says that the happening of good or bad incidents is due to the planets. This misunderstanding again leads the people to think that their actions are destined by the planets. Here, your actions are not destined by the planets. Your actions are only destined by your psychological set up, which is destined by your past deeds. The planet links the specific fruit for the specific action. You do something based on your Samskara. The planet gives its correspondent fruit immediately. You blame the planet for guiding you to do a specific work and this is totally wrong. A planet is only destined to give the specific result linked with your specific action. The specific work is based on your specific psychological pattern only. The horoscope gives the composition of your specific psychological pattern. Since your future actions also depend on the same pattern, future prediction can be easily given. A specific psychological pattern is always linked with a specific composition of planets representing your qualities or ideas. Therefore, there is no external destiny here other than yourself regarding your future. If the Samskara is modified with the help of the divine knowledge, the whole destiny is changed, which means your horoscope totally disappears. Every period is divided into sub periods, every sub period is again divided into further sub periods and every division involves the revolution of all the nine planets again and again. This means that human being is a mixture of both good and bad always in every step of the time.

Astrology is Introduction to Philosophy
Actually, the basic concept of astrology indicates that there is the existence of some unimaginable supernatural force that guides this world. Hence, astrology is an introduction for the philosophy. Without taking this basic reality, you misuse the astrology to justify yourself by linking your wrong actions to the planets. The worship of the supernatural and unimaginable planets introduces the worship of unimaginable God. But, this is again misused as the worship of the planet for not giving the bad result for the bad action done by you. If you worship God, He will preach you the right knowledge, which changes the total destiny. By your worship, God will not protect you from your sins. Therefore, in this world, the destiny is also in your hands only. There is full freedom for you to change your destiny through the right knowledge. Hence, this world of humanity is called as ‘Karma Loka’, which means that your actions decide everything and that your action is based on your psychological pattern only and not by any pre-determined external destiny. The upper worlds are called as ‘Bhoga Lokas’ because there is no freedom to perform any new action and you have no freedom at all, but for enjoying the destined results for your already recorded actions.

‘Pravrutti’ means attachment to worldly bonds. ‘Nivrutti’ is detachment of your worldly bonds for the sake of God. This world is the stage for both pravrutti and nivrutti. Full freedom up to the level of changing your destiny exists here. Your destiny is only your fixed psychological pattern generated from the past deeds and not any other external force. This pattern can be changed by the right knowledge received from God in the form of preacher. Therefore, there is every chance for changing your destiny in this world. Generally, people blame the reason for their bad actions to be some external force called as destiny in which there is no trace of their personal psychological involvement. People say, ‘People say so’. The people cannot be the authority unless the whole subject is perfectly analyzed. Even there are several misinterpretations in books written by ancestral scholars. You should not blindly take the people or the ancient books as authority without analyzing them perfectly. The Gita says that you will laugh at such authorities if you analyze the subject with sharp scientific intelligence (Buddhyaayukto…).

Even if the implementation is impossible, it is better to have the right knowledge, which follows the soul to the next birth so that the practical implementation can be done sometime in the future. This point looks quite good, but there is the practical danger. Just like the cooked food can be attacked by the bacteria in the atmosphere, the right knowledge is also attacked by the worldly attractions and sometimes, the right knowledge may become weaker and weaker and even may finally disappear even in the later part of this life. Therefore, it is better to implement the realized concept as early as possible like eating the cooked food immediately.

At the lotus feet of Shri Datta Swami