Wednesday, July 26, 2017

On addiction of Younger generation to adult films

Shri Karthik asked: Swami, I seek Your divine guidance on a sensitive topic that pertains mainly to people of the younger generation.

[My question is to do with watching pornography or films with explicitly sexual content. In today's society, we are constantly exposed to sexually arousing imagery through films, TV and the internet. For someone who lives in a modern city, it is nearly impossible to totally avoid this kind of content. Modern society in many aspects has become hyper sexualized.
Some are affected more easily by such sexually inciteful content than others depending upon their samskaras and external circumstances. You have many times told us that suppressing one's bad qualities is not the right way. Instead, one needs to divert these qualities to God. How is it possible for an ordinary soul to divert his/her lustful nature towards God and effectively prevent the loss of energy spent in lustful thoughts and actions?]

Swami replied: Anything diverted to God becomes good and anything diverted towards the world becomes bad. The good and bad lie in the direction and the goal. The same key in the same lock turned to one direction locks the doors and turned to opposite direction unlocks the doors. All things thought as bad by you become good if the direction is towards God. All things thought as good by you become bad if the direction is towards the world. Pure sandal paste submitted to the drainage becomes impure mud only. Impure material submitted to fire becomes sacred ash.

Sex is a noble and divine sacrifice done to extend this humanity (prajaatamtum... Veda). Eating food and drinking water are also noble sacrifices done to give energy to this body to do service to God. Hunger, thirst and sex are biological needs of the body, which should not be treated as bad or sinful. The Gita says that legally permitted sex is divine since it generates human beings of future generation to continue the entertainment of God (Dharmaaviruddhah kaamosmi). As you eat food while hungry or drink water while thirsty, a human being is entitled to have sex when such desire arises. As soon as youth starts after the childhood, marriage was done in the ancient times. Youth is the starting time for such desire. Marriage has nothing to do with the settlement of materialistic life. As soon as any soul is born on this earth by the will of God, the basic needs are already provided by God. Even the sinner is maintained by God. Even the atheist is maintained by God. A criminal jailed for anti-government activity is also given food and shelter in the jail by the government. If this faith exists, marriage has no link with settlement of materialistic life. Even after settlement of materialistic life, if marriage is done and issues are not born, how do you justify the link between marriage and materialistic life? The materialistic life becomes happy even if the basic needs are served. This concept is not maintained now. Now, the settlement of materialistic life means the fulfillment of endless desires. Hence, the marriage is delayed. In the childhood, education must be over and as soon as youth enters, married life shall start (shaishavebhyastavidyaanaam, yauvane vishayaishinaam). Now, the education is over when the youth is over and marriage is done in the beginning of old age! Justified earnings must serve the purpose of pacifying hunger, thirst, etc. Similarly, justified marriage must serve the need of pacification of sex. Since education continues in youth, the mind is neither absorbed in learning nor involved in the legal sex. All this is mainly due to the fundamental mistake of the very foundation-system of the society. The desire for sex in the body is the bell-ring for performing the marriage. One cannot concentrate on God while suffering with hunger and thirst. Similarly, one cannot concentrate on God while suffering with the desire of sex. Sex is very natural symptom like hunger and thirst of a biological system and these symptoms are parts of the plan of divine creation itself. Once these symptoms are pacified by the legal arrangements (like eating food, drinking water and marriage respectively), concentration on God is quite possible in any age of the body. Rama got married in the age of 12 years and Sita was in the age of 6 years. Of course, the conditions of health in that time of Treta age were quite different compared to the same of this time of Kali age. The basic point that is to be observed is that the marriage was performed as soon as the youth started. The desire for sex is the divine signal light given by God for performing the marriage. When legal arrangement is done in proper time, there is no need of desire for illegal arrangements. Even in the case of human incarnation, these biological needs continue because the human being-component is an ordinary biological system only like any other human being. Of course, if the God-component wishes, any biological need can be fully controlled. Such control becomes possible only on the wish of God-component and not by even the hectic effort of the human being-component! Resisted legal sex in the proper time only leads to all such disturbing factors. Either the need shall be controlled by God or shall be legally pacified by the human being in the need of the hour. Except these two ways, there is no third path to control these basic biological needs created by God Himself! This is the precise pin-point answer to your frank question.

At lotus feet of Swmai

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